Friday, November 16, 2012


So, my kitchen here really sucks, AND, we don't have all the fun kitchen gadgets we have at home... In turn, cooking is kinda miserable. This is just a list of things I can't wait to eat when we get home:
-BBQ ribs
-My homemade cheesecake
-Pizza from Venturi
-Pizza from Bremen's Pizza Hut
-My feta/asparagus/pasta meal
-A Martin's Supermarket Magnificent Muffin
-My Grandma Schrock's cranberry salad (since we'll be home shortly after Thanksgiving Day, she said she'll try to save us some! Its best after a few days of the flavors mixing anyway...)
-Proper apple cider. The swill I got down here is awful compared to Kercher's or something up north.
-THIS delicious-looking cake

the fatty/foodie.

Last Weekend in Miami

Random Thought
The Postal Service should be privatized

This will be our last weekend in Miami (as the title says). It is exciting and sad. Exciting because we will be heading home soon. Sad because there is more we could do here. Of course, there will always be more to do no matter where you go.

We will leave Miami on Saturday and head to Tampa. We will stay in Tampa until Monday morning and then head to Indy. We will get to Indy Monday night and stay with our friends, Dylan and Allison. Tuesday will be the day we arrive home.

I have a lot to do when we get home. I have started applying to get some extra part time work when we get back. It's time to start replenishing our savings. I have a music project that I want to start working on. Perhaps have it done by March.

I haven't eaten very much today. I should get some food. I also need to take out the trash.

My team, the Kansas City Chiefs, has had a rough year. They need a new QB and probably a new couch and general manager. I can't wait for the draft. It's sad....
It has been nice to cheer for the Colts. They only time I don't cheer for them is against the Chiefs.

My fantasy teams have struggle as well this year. I need to win my last few games in hopes to have any shot at first place.

Thought for the Day
Bar tenders have the same personality characteristics as a good pastor would have. They are willing to listen and very welcoming. It's interesting that the Cheers theme song says, "sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came." If you are mad that people are going to bars instead of your church, perhaps you should change something.


Friday, November 9, 2012


This is as publicly political as you will see me. Here are my thoughts about the elections. 

First of all, I am happy to say I voted for the best candidate - Ron Paul. He wants to get our country back on the gold standard, stop inflation, and the mass printing of money. 

America lost. Why? Because they elected the same government that has been there for the last two years. This includes a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House. 
What has this government accomplished in these last two years? Nothing. They have actually caused the US to be downgraded by the S&P from the best debt rating of AAA to a lower AA+.

With their inability to work together, the US stands the chance of getting downgraded again. This is not good. 

I have never seen so many people cheering for a $16 trillion deficit. This government is completely out of control. The government has been increasing the debt in a dramatic fashion since 2000 and it will continue until 2016. By then it will be around $20 trillion. A lot of it is borrowed from China. It is bad when China "approves" of our election. 

The two party system does not work and will continue to promote complacency and mediocrity in our country. Out of about 100,000,000 votes, Obama won by 3,000,000. This country is completely split and will be forever more because they are duped into believing they have to vote straight ticket for one side or the other. 
We need strong third and fourth parties who are moderates. It would at least help.
George Washington (the greatest president of all time) said this about the party system. 

"It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another."

Read more: George Washington's views on political parties in America | Washington Times Communities 


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, the Kansas City Chiefs lost on Thursday night... But, we were able to enjoy some delicious spinach dip and drinks during the downfall, so it was an ok night.

Notre Dame won! We aren't exceptionally devoted fans, but I've enjoyed following the games... Especially the home games! I get to see our hometown, where our friends and family are tail-gaiting and working concessions and sometimes even sitting in the stands cheering along! Like tonight... Oasis Granger was having an autumn party at my mom and dad's house... But, I knew that I was watching the same football game my friends were watching at my family's house. And that makes me a bit less homesick.
This weekend.
This weekend has been very nice. Friday, Justin and I went to see Flight which stars Denzel Washington. I really enjoyed the movie. It deals pretty openly with the idea of personal responsibility, but I also thought it was a realistic depiction of the "battle" in different sides of the religious spectrum on the idea of predestination vs free will. One of my favorite lines was when a lawyer, played by Don Cheadle, explains how he's going to argue an insurance claim concerning a catastrophe as an "act of God". Denzel's character responds, "What kind of God would do this?" When I heard that, I wanted to stand up and clap. I refrained. But really, and this has been a recurring thought for the past week or so, God is not a convict.

Today, we went out to downtown Miami for the Red Bull Flugtag. It was pretty great. REALLY hot, and tons of ridiculous flying machines! But, in all, a good experience. One of my favorite parts of the day wasn't even at the pier. It was at New York Bagel Deli, where we had lunch! We kinda stumbled across this shop and their price was right so, we asked the two guys behind the counter what their favorites were, since we'd never been there before. And little did we know, we got a couple Chatty Cathys at the end of the shift! We talked about food, and sports, and school, and Indiana and TV shows and just about everything in-between in the few minutes it took them to whip up our (absolutely DELICIOUS) bagel sandwiches! They were really great and totally made the experience! I love coming in contact with people who are working in what probably isn't their dream job, but have the amazing attitude to positively impact your day. These guys were definitely in that category.
This upcoming week...
Tomorrow is Sunday! When a friend asked about my plans for this weekend, I outlined the above, then stated, Sundays are for Jesus and touchdowns. And, tomorrow, laundry. But, Monday, we're planning on visiting our lovely friend Becky who is vacationing in Daytona, then heading up to St. Augustine to spend time with our awesome friend, Ray!

We'll be home for sure on Tuesday, when I look forward to settling in for a long night of election coverage. Justin and I both voted absentee earlier this month. And honestly, it was SO easy. Obviously, it was necessary for us, since we're in Miami, but I think we're gonna vote absentee from here on out! We got the ballots in the mail, had time to look over the candidate and legislature options, read up on what they stood for or would change, filled in the ovals, and sent it in! Bam. Voted. Reminder: you need to vote Tuesday!

The rest of the week will probably just be spent cleaning up the apartment and trying to plan our trip home! We might visit another church plant in Miami with the pastors of Oasis Miami, to consider them to be friends with! The church meets every other Thursday night in a nightclub! Very cool.
-Justin and I have finished the TV series Friday Night Lights. It was wonderful. I highly recommend it. All 5 seasons are on Netflix InstantPlay.
-Want an interesting political documentary to watch? Check out Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted. Its by a Libertarian who has only ever financially supported Democrats, so I consider it a fairly unbiased piece. I REALLY enjoyed it!
-My brother might be driving down here in a couple of weeks! I'm really excited thinking about this!
-I'm considering growing out my bangs... I'm not sure yet.
-I'm definitely ready to come home.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Game Day!

The Chiefs play tonight on Thursday Night Football. At this point, I want them to lose the rest of their games so they can get a high draft pick and get a good QB. Anyway, I will still be cheering for them to win. So many conflicting feelings.....


We have had some really great meetings about Oasis Miami Church recently. Church planting is hard and takes a lot of effort. I think we are moving in the direction that will benefit the church best. We are making some connections and growing our online audience. We are also going to scout a new location soon as the church moves closer to Miami proper.

I have a meeting tonight with the Oasis Granger teaching staff to make our teaching calendar for the  next year. I am super excited to get home and be plugged in with everyone again. I miss everyone very much. So does Brit.

Thought for the Day
There was a terrible story on the local news the other day. A man some how lost control of his car (he is thought to have been under the influence and didn't have a valid driver's license) and hit a bus stop waiting area. He killed one of the people and injured others.

They interviewed a family member of the person who died and they had this to say, "It was God's will for my brother to die and it will be God's will for the person who caused it to be brought to justice."

I understand wanting to find meaning in all of this and a purpose. But the statement made is one many people make in many situations and it is ridiculous.


If it is God's will that this happened, then the driver is not actually at fault, GOD IS! Why should the person be punished for his mistakes? But the truth is God didn't cause this person to make mistakes. So It was not God's will.

We have to stop saying that everything is God's will.

Monday, October 29, 2012

One Month Left!

We will be home in about a month. This trip has been strange but good. I know a month is a while yet but it is nice to think about.

Anyway, I heard this song recently and it reminded me of the "prodigal son" story from the Bible.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Here Comes Sandy!

Hurricane Sandy is off the coast a ways. It has been windy and rainy but I don't think there will be any need for concern at this point. I would be concerned for the north east coast though. It is projecting to hit them a bit harder and longer.

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update.

We are headed up to Oasis Tampa this weekend. We are getting in Friday night and will leave Sunday night. Lucas is flying down to Tampa to spend times with us and all the Florida pastors. I will be doing the music this Sunday again. I made a track for the Hillsong United song called "Love Enough". I like it.
Anyway, it will be really good to see Lucas. Brit and I miss home quite a bit and this will tide us over for the next month.

My fantasy teams have both been bad. And my real life team has been bad. It is a bad year for me.
The optimist in me comes out though. The Chiefs could finish the season at 11-5 if they get it together. That would most certainly be good enough for a playoff birth. Very unlikely that it will happen but I wooonnnnnnttt stop beeliiieeeevvvinng!

Brittany has been knitting like a mad man. Her hands seem robotic at times. It makes me feel like I should learn how to knit and join her.

Thought for tonight
Holiness and righteousness are two different things. They are not the same. You cannot interchange them. Righteousness means right standing (a simple definition) and is talking about actions (we now have a righteousness that comes through faith). Holiness has to mean something else or the Bible is just redundant. “Holiness means wholeness. To say that “God is holy” is to refer to the wholeness, fullness, beauty, and abundant life that overflows within the Godhead. God lacks nothing. He is unbroken, undamaged, unfallen, completely complete and entire within Himself. He is the indivisible One, wholly self-sufficient, and the picture of perfection. Holiness is not one aspect of God’s character; it is the whole package in glorious unity.” (Paul Ellis - The Gospel in Ten Words)
When God says that you are holy or to be (to be is different than to "do") holy, we need to think a different way. God has made us righteous and holy but let's understand the difference between the two.